Shaping Scopes and Procedures at the New St. Paul’s Hospital
A service design initiative centering the perspectives of nurses and other front-line staff in the development of future workflow recommendations
Project Summary
The move to New St. Paul’s Hospital in 2027 approaches, with ongoing decisions about unit workflows. While the floor plan and equipment are set, staff engagement and movement within the Scopes and Procedures Unit remain undecided. The project utilized a human-centred and service design approach to involve frontline staff, such as nurses and respiratory therapists, in decision-making. The designer team, including myself, investigated patient care, workflows, and skills to inform the Operational Readiness Team for the Scopes + Procedures Unit's future workflow.
Project Date
September 1, 2023 – April 30, 2024
My Role
Research Assistant
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Participatory Design
Conducting stakeholder interviews
Designing Workshop and Survey
Guiding Questions 
• What are the typical service pathways of different Scopes + Procedures units at the current St. Paul’s Hospital, from a nursing perspective, and what are the key pain points?
• How can we learn from current workflows to envision future workflows for the Scopes + Procedure unit at the new St. Paul’s Hospital? 
• What nursing training and education is needed for the identified pain points to be effectively addressed in the future workflow design?

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