Project Summary
We all have visited a hospital at least once. The hospital is often associated with negative feelings. Current hospital space needs a lot of improvement and is badly impacting the quality of care. Virtual reality/ immersive tech can help improve Hospital space for a better experience for both patients and staff. My goal is to use technology to design a dream hospital space through research and inspiration from nature around me.
Identified interested spaces
1. Pick an Emerging Technology
My interests are in AI, Immersive/Augmented Technology and Wearables.

2. How should I approach the design?
My interests are in Inclusive &Accessibility, Service Design and Research and user experience.

3. Explore problem space (Why)
In medicine, the above techs can help train and improve the skills of (new) surgeons and doctors and improve the quality of services.
In terms of Metal health, I want to look into how to make mental health services more accessible and how to help people manage their mental health.

4. Who’s involved? (Who)
Healthcare Professionals, Patients, Health Care staff, Employees and Employers.
1. Inspired by nature
In this project, I focused on finding examples and patterns in nature that I could use to apply to my design. The parallel between nature and technology is fascinating. After looking into different examples of technology that would mimic life and nature such as biomimicry and a grooved leaf and solar panel, I came across an article on bee colonies and how they organize their roles to survive as a collective.
The three user groups:  patients, hospital staff and designers can all create together to visualize the desired hospital space. Each user can benefit from co-creating the platform in ways that would be helpful for them. They play an essential part in this space based on their knowledge/experience/expertise.
Prototype 1
The bee hive pattern creates playfulness in the interface without the robotic intimidating feel of technology for those worried about using new tech.
I was really interested in context mapping as a research method because the designer can play the role of an ethnographer to study and understand the user's cultures and behaviours.

So for my first prototype, I want to create a sensitizing kit as a form of context mapping to show the co-creating aspect. Users will interact with the kit and provide feedback.
The sensitizing kit includes
-A pair of glasses and a few images of a hospital that could mimic the VR experience
- A cut-out of a few elements that will be found in the hospital and a hospital space map. Participants will be asked to place the cut-out pieces where they see fit.
- Asking users to keep a diary and record their daily technology uses and every hospital visit that occurs.
To be able to user-test this in class, I made a digital version of the kit using Miro so everyone can interact with it at the same time.
User testing
During the presentation, I give the class 2-3 minutes to play around with the prototype, choosing any role and task they want. Everyone understood the assignment well with little confusion.
- Having different tasks for different groups of users is a good idea. It is helpful to highlight each user's expertise and experience.
- The bee hive is from is intriguing. Excited to see how it will look in a VR environment.
Prototype 2
Create a VR environment
I needed a resource that could help me build a VR illusion on my desktop, without needing a VR headset because I didn't own one.

I looked into Figma, A-frame, Magicavoxel and Hubsmozilla.
Lastly, I recorded the video that features the main function of the platform: 
-Beehive rooms 
-Co-creating and interacting with other users 
-Playful design: The environment is set in a nice forest instead of the traditional website interface (inspired by class feedback mentioned earlier).
Demo video
Future direction
I will look into how my platform can collect feedback from user, which was something I already considered but didn't build into my prototype.

Learning Outcome
Emerging tech is not so intimidating

By drawing inspiration from nature in the project, I found emerging technologies not so mysterious and intimidating, but rather exciting. There is lots of room to get playful and creative.​​​​​​​
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